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What is child dedication at VCC?

As a parent, you have the greatest influence in your child’s spiritual upbringing, teaching your child what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. At Victor Community Church, child dedication is more than an event; it is the beginning of a partnership that is designed to influence a child to find and follow Jesus!Parent_Child_dedication

We are so excited to come alongside you on this parenting adventure. Child dedication is an opportunity for parents of young children/infants to make a commitment before God to raise their child according to God’s ways. This is the beginning of a journey where you, the parent, partner with us, the church.

We believe that biblical baptism is for believers; therefore we do not baptize infants. Infants of believing parents can be dedicated to the Lord, but are not baptized until they can personally articulate their faith and the purpose of baptism.

Contact Pastor Steve if you would like to pursue child dedication for your children.продвижениераскрутка сайтов самостоятельно бесплатнопоисковая реклама в интернетепродвижением сайтов